Listen to Transformer

Music Transformer is an open source machine learning model from the Magenta research group at Google that can generate musical performances with some long-term structure. We find it interesting to see what these models can and can’t do, so we made this app to make it easier to explore and curate the model’s output.

If you listen to a bunch of samples, you’ll probably discover that most compositions (like a lot of fully AI-generated music) are nowhere near as good and interesting as what people compose. And that’s okay! We just thought it would be fun for more people to be able to hear them, think about them, or remix them in their own music. So here is a radio station of 100,000 random, not cherry-picked, samples. They are all downloadable as MIDI files under a CC0 (“No Rights Reserved”) license, so if you want to take one of the pieces and make it your own, do it -- we’d love to hear all about it!

For those interested in all the ones and zeros of this work, you can read more about the model in the blog post announcing it, the research paper it was published in, or the blog post about this app.

When you favourite a song, it is only stored locally, in your browser's cache, and not on any external server. In order to understand a bit better which pieces people like, skip over, or keep going back to, we are collecting some anonymous click analytics from this app in accordance with Google’s privacy policy.