Bach Doodle Dataset

What does the
data look like?

Of the more than 50 million requests to the doodle itself, the user contributed dataset contains 21.6 million miniature compositions totaling 78.8 years spent composing. The compositions are split across 8.5 million sessions -- each session represents an anonymous user's interaction with the web app and may contain multiple data points. Below you can explore 20 different sessions from the dataset, and each of their harmonizations

Session: /20

Harmonization: /


Backend r means the harmonization was sent to a cloud TPU unit, l that it was done in the user's browser using TensorFlow.js
Loops Listened How many times this session listened to the composition
Session ID Represents a user in the dataset. To avoid any personally identifiable information, a user (or a session) represents a new request to the doodle, not an IP -- if the same physical person opened the doodle in multiple tabs, this would result in multiple sessions (or users), one for each tab
Country code The location the doodle was accessed from
Composition time The length of time the doodle was open in this session, in ms
Feedback If a rating is present, 0 is poor, 1 is neutral, 2 is good
Key Signature If the user changed the key in the advanced mode option, it would appear here